We booked a session, now what? 
Figure out what to wear! 

a little advice... 

try to coordinate your outfits and avoid clothing with large logos, bright colors or wording.  This will distract from the subject(s) in the photograph. Solid black or White are rarely my first choice as they can make a subject look flat. Tops that have longer sleeves are usually less distracting in a photo. Choose a few colors in similar tones so that you coordinate but don't look too "matchey" Ultimately, you want and NEED to be comfortable! If you aren't comfortable in your clothes, it will always show on your face and body language! Be your AMAZING self and you will shine in every photo! 

what to do?
-Remember to smile! These photos are to capture the fun and love of your family, so flaunt it! (even if someone didn't want to put the nice shoes on today)   :) 
-Talk with one another! I love candid, natural poses so I will be watching for these moments of sweet interaction! 
-Dear Moms, this is about you too! You've probably worked really hard to get the outfits ready and keep everyone from being hangry! Don't forget to enjoy yourself and remember these get to hang on YOUR walls! You want your family to have pictures of you happy and enjoying yourself. Let me do the hard work and you just be your wonderful self! 
-Dear Dad's, I know, taking pictures might not be your idea of fun. However, there is NOTHING more attractive that an amazing husband/father. The most important thing you can wear is a great attitude. Let your fun side show, break some "house rules", enjoy the lovely family you created! Trust me, we are going to have fun. 
-lastly, if anyone has any insecurities, special attire/prop, or anything I should watch for, please don't hesitate to give me a heads up. I want to make sure I have these in my mind while shooting so I can best handle the situation. thanks!